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Lyndall Park is located 25km from Kingston South East, in South Australia.  

It is owned and operated by Cameron England, a 4th generation farmer who took over the reins from his parents, Jeffrey and Anne, in 2014.  His passion for farming comes from growing up on the property, a love of the wide-open spaces and seeing the wool that is produced.

Cameron is supported from the sidelines by his wife, Katie, a teacher from Kent in the UK.

Harriet, Leo and their dog, Betty, complete the family and ensure that life is busy, loving, often sleepless but never dull.​

England Family

As a family, we are privileged to call both the land and the beach our home.


Our time together is spent walking the foreshore, looking for emus and kangaroos in the scrub, playing in parks, and heading to Adelaide or Melbourne for a city fix. 


We love to explore new places and travel overseas.  Whilst we try to go back to the UK when possible, we’re also looking forward to introducing the smallest members of our family to our own backyard and the wider world, some of which we have both already been lucky enough to explore.



Lyndall Park took on its current form in 2014, when Cameron stepped into the leadership role.  For the 12 years prior, he had been working and learning alongside, and later in partnership with his parents, Jeffrey and Anne.


The England family have been farming in the district since  the early 20th century, on the properties of Gum Park,  Mount Scott and Blackford.  The ‘Home Paddock’ at Keilira, (the land that is now known as Lyndall Park) was acquired into the holding, along with ‘Shepherds Hill’ and ‘Coopers’, by Walter England in 1934 and was left to his three sons, Walter Lynn, Ralph and Leo.


Their partnership dissolved over time, with Walter Lynn, Cameron’s Grandfather, retaining the three blocks at Keilira.  They were eventually divided between his own sons, Peter, Jeffrey and Robert.


Jeffrey, Cameron’s father, had trained to be a veterinarian and was a partner in the practice at Bordertown for a number of years.  However, in 1984, he decided to return to the farm full time with his young family.


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